Transportation: If you're arriving by plane, you'll need transportation from airport to the city centre. There's more than one option for that. You can use Mini bus which runs every 20 minutes. Ticket can be purchased from the bus driver for a price of 300 RSD and the end point is Slavija square (Trg Slavija). You can also use public transportation (GSP bus no. 72) which runs every 30 minutes. The first stop (beginning point) is just outside of the terminal (-1 level) and the end point is Zeleni venac. A ticket can also be purchased from the bus driver, but at a kiosk*, too. The price is 150 RSD (1.25 €) and 89 RSD (0.75 €) respectively. There's of course option of using a taxi but prices are way higher (around 2000 RSD - around 15 €).  

If you want to use public transportation in Belgrade, you'll need an electronic BusPlus card (price is 250 RSD - around 2 €). After you've purchased that card, you can buy as many rides as you want and they'll all be visible on your card. Price of a single ride is 89 RSD and you can buy it in any kiosk*. But a single ride actually allows you to use any public transportation vehicle (bus or tram) for 90 minutes. After 90 minutes period is up, you have to check in your card again and use up another of previously purchased rides.

You can also get a monthly ticket which is more convenient if you'll be using public transportation regularly. All about getting monthly ticket, you can find out from your Buddy.

*kiosk - it's a small store, recognizable by press stands, but it's also a place where you can find beverage, sweets etc.


Accommodation: Depending on your exchange programme, you might be eligible to apply for a room in a dormitory, which is cheaper compared to the life in a flat, but it also means that student would have to share the personal space with another person. For more information about accommodation in dormitories, contact your respective International Relations Office at the Host University.
Most of the exchange students decide to share a flat. As with many other things, Buddies are there to help you out with finding a perfect flat for you. Depending on location, number of people in the flat and utilities, accommodation expenses can vary from 200 to 500 €.


Student canteen: There is a possibility to eat at the students canteen. If you choose that option you'll need Student ID card (2200 RSD), and a "token" coin (500 RSD). Prices of meals are 40 RSD for Breakfast, 72 RSD for Lunch and 59 RSD for Dinner. Same as with Accommodation and Transportation, you can turn to your Buddy for more information.